GAN (short for “Go Achieve Now!”) is an app that serves as a dedicated and secure space for professional teams or active job seekers to connect, communicate, and collaborate. A small business organization or job seeker can use My GAN App to:

  • Find a mentor
  • Organize their thinking
  • Share ideas, strategies and resources with others
  • Develop productive habits that will help them achieve greater success

No, My GAN App is a completely separate product from Facebook and Google. It’s an app that lives on your smartphone and doesn’t require an external platform for access or login. You can create a new My GAN App account using any of your existing email accounts.

The beta version of My GAN App is free.. Just download it to your smartphone from the App Store, and you’re ready to Go Achieve Now!

At this point, there is no advertising of any kind in My GAN App. We may include ads in free version In the future, we may include ads in the free version.

No, your employer or hiring managers will not be able to access any of the information on your GAN account. You have complete control over the information that you choose to share with other My GAN App users.

We discovered My GAN App’s team-building potential while developing this app for job seekers. As we identified key areas for improvement and focused on enabling the best practices within those areas, we realized that we could use My GAN App to help us do our own jobs better. This became more and more obvious as we broke down the aspects of what helps individuals function better as engaged, productive team members. The secret (and it’s not really a secret) consists of good work habits and responsive connections with other team members. Every feature in My GAN App supports behavior that’s been proven to add great value if practiced daily:

  • There are a lot of jokes about list makers, but research shows that organized people are achievers. Use Checklist to create and manage your lists.
  • What’s a list without a purpose? Planning Journal helps you identify and refine your purpose, break it into a strategy, and calendar every strategic task.
  • Whether capturing brainstorms or documenting examples, My Media works with your phone’s camera and recorder to make audio, video, and pics easy to archive, rate, and share with your team.
  • Challenge yourself to excel! Share challenges with your colleagues to help you grow as a team. My GAN App’s Assignments feature keeps you motivated and focused.
  • Learning is critical to both professional and personal growth. With the shareable lists in Books & Resources, you can invite your team members to share the benefits of books, videos, seminars, conferences, courses, and blogs that are helping you learn and grow.
  • Why wait for the annual performance review? Once you start using My GAN App, the Reports feature can show your progress in any area over any length of time.
  • And just like other social media platforms, GAN lets you Chat with friends or Invite a Friend to download and join My GAN App.

Whether you’re a job seeker connecting with mentors and recruiters or an employee connecting with team members, you own all the content that you post and share in My GAN App.

Looking for a new job or trying to advance in your current situation is always a big undertaking. We call this app Go Achieve Now! because skilled professionals like you deserve a higher chance of success. Here’s how My GAN App can you practice and prepare for achieving your goals:

  • My GAN App offers a suite of features to help you organize and visualize the complicated (and often stressful) process of defining what you want and planning how to best achieve your goals. Clarify your purpose, write yourself affirmations, and create a strategy with Planning Journal. Track your progress step by step with Checklist, and match your goals against your performance with Reports. It’s empowering to have all this on a phone app that you carry around in your pocket.
  • My GAN App helps you focus on professional growth with Assignments (a feature for setting yourself challenges), and Books & Resources (a reading and resource list for areas of knowledge that you want to expand or discover). Your Profile includes a place to add new job experience, technical skills, certifications, projects, and educational qualifications — the critical building blocks for creating a resume.
  • The My Media feature takes you to My GAN App’s direct interface with your phone’s video camera and audio recorder. This makes it easy to practice for critical interviews, and to ensure that you’re presenting the best possible version of yourself.
  • Use My GAN App’s Chat feature to find and interact with mentors who can support your development and search. This is also an easy way for staying on the radar of recruiters for the industries and positions that interest you.
  1. Planning: Identify a purpose, develop a strategy, and build a schedule.
  2. Checklists: Identify and track small, finite tasks on a regular basis.
  3. Experimentation: Explore journaling and refine presentation skills with audio and video.
  4. Self-assignments: Challenge yourself to focus on and complete specific goals.
  5. Professional development: Find learning resourcesto help you do your job better and enjoy it more.
  6. Reflection: Review your progress to celebrate accomplishments and identify areas for improvement.
  7. Conversation: Honest, enthusiastic exchange between colleagues is the glue that holds any team together.
  8. Owning your accomplishments: Be proud of what you’ve done, and be ready to share it in a current resume/CV or a concise elevator pitch.

What It Is: Each day, My GAN App presents an insightful quote from a contemporary or historical public figure. We hope these will inspire you or send your thoughts in new directions.

How It Works: The first few words of the quote appear in a field at the top of the dashboard. Tap the field to read the entire quote.

What It Is: This is where you break your goals into small, doable tasks to measure your progress. You can add descriptions, change task names, and check off the task when complete! You can also share a specific Checklist in the Reports feature to keep your team or mentor up to date on your to-do list and your progress.

How It Works: Enter each task by tapping the +, typing it in the field that appears, and tapping the checkmark. Update a task by changing the name and adding a description. The clock icon at the right lets you time the task. Tapping the empty box at the left gives you the option to check off the task when complete.

What It Is: Use this calendar to visualize your goals and map your tasks. Planning Journal helps you to create and schedule your plan, record affirmations, and include people from your GAN friend list, whether sharing your progress or inviting them to events.

How It Works: Tap the button on the lower right and select “My Purpose.” The + takes you to “Create a New Purpose,” where you’ll name and describe your goal. Revisit your purpose to add affirmations. Once you have a purpose, you need a strategy. “Create a Strategy” lets you consider your plan in real time. You can title the event; add start and end dates, location, and comments; and set up a reminder notice. You can invite people from your friends list to an event.

What It Is: Use your phone to capture live ideas, rehearse interviews and presentations, and send audio/video/photo memos. You can store and curate them in My GAN App’s Media Gallery, and share them with GAN friends.

How It Works: Choose between audio, pics, and video by tapping the appropriate icon. Each will take you to your phone, where you’ll capture and store your audio, pics, and video in the usual way. You can review these files in “already recorded” (My GAN App’s Media Gallery) or easily transfer them to other sections of My GAN App. By clicking on the three dots next to a file in your gallery, you’ll see options to rate, share with GAN friends, comment, rename, and delete. You can also access your gallery from the Assignments and Chat features.

What It Is: Create prompts and challenges for yourself and your team. Review what you’ve already accomplished and what’s still on your plate. You can also submit evidence of your achievements to prove that you’re following through on your intentions.

How It Works: Tap the button in the lower right for a menu that lets you see current GAN Assignments, review Past Assignments, or Create an Assignment. GAN Assignments include updating Books & Resources, adding to Checklist, and Creating a Purpose. Tap Accept and Start when you know what you want to do next. Past Assignments invite you to submit evidence of your progress and invite friends to share the challenge. Create an Assignment helps you set up a time-specific event similar to what you saw in Planning Journal. (Note: Activities calendared in Assignments won’t appear in Planning Journal.)


What It Is: Add titles and descriptions of books, videos, seminars, conferences, courses, and blogs that can help you grow professionally. Share your resource list with mentors or team members.

How It Works: Tap the + to add titles and descriptions of your resources. In the title bar of each item, you’ll see icons for inviting friends and checking off a pending title as completed. (Once you hit the checkmark, the word “pending” will disappear from that item.)

What It Is: Create personal performance reviews to summarize your GAN activities over any given time period, compare expectations with accomplishments, and reflect on your goals. Share with your team or mentor.

How It Works: Choose the report type (Checklist, Planning Journal, Assignments, Books & Resources) and time period (start and end dates). Then tap Get Report. Reports are available as links in an Excel spreadsheet, where you can sort by list. You can share these reports with your GAN friends or email them to yourself.

What It Is: My GAN App’s social media feature lets you find other app users and invite non-users to download the app and join the community. You can also add audio, pics, and video.

How It Works: Enter Chat and tap the people icon in the upper right corner. On the Friends screen, tap the search icon in the upper right or the + in the lower right to find other GAN users. The Requests button shows who’s asked to be friends with you. Keep track of your conversations with the Recent Chats list, which you’ll see whenever you open the Chat feature. And just like in other social media, you can add audio, pics, and video to the conversation.

What It Is: Search the web from inside My GAN App.

How It Works: The Search button takes you directly to a Google browser. We’re confident that you already know how Google works!

What It Is: Create your GAN identity, manage your privacy setting, and build a GAN-friendly resume.

How It Works: Tap the pencil icon in the upper right corner to add or change your profile pic, username, and email address. Tap Resume to add descriptions of technical skills, certifications, employment history, project details, and educational qualifications. Change Password lets you update your privacy setting.

What It Is: Reach out to people who aren’t yet on My GAN App. You can communicate by text, email, or Facebook, and archive these messages on your phone or in the cloud.

How It Works: Tap Invite Friend and choose Message, Mail, Add to Notes (for creating an attachment), or Facebook. You can copy your message or Save to Files in the cloud or on your phone.

What It Is: A push notification is a message from our app to your device, informing you about beneficial ways to use the app or tech issues that you might want to address.

How It Works: In the Settings menu, you’ll see a circle to the right of this item. You WILL receive push notifications if you slide the circle to the RIGHT and the field to the left turns green. You WILL NOT receive push notifications if you slide the circle to the LEFT and the field to the right turns white.

What It Is: Logout signs you out of an app. To protect your privacy and save battery power, we recommend logging out of My GAN App when not actively using it.

How It Works: When you tap the Logout button, we’ll ask you to verify Yes (I want to logout) or No (I don’t want to logout).

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