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Whether you’re looking for a new job or looking to advance in your current position, it’s a big undertaking. The competition never sleeps. Presentation and timing are critical. We call this app Go Achieve Now! (GAN) because skilled professionals like you deserve a higher chance of success. The GAN App helps you practice and prepare for achieving your goals. Here’s how it works:


Opening Quote

When you login every day, you’ll see a few words at the top edge of your dashboard. Click on that field to read the entire quote. Are you motivated or inspired yet? We hope so!


Checklists = productivity! Break your daily goals into small tasks, and enter each one by tapping the +, typing it in the field that appears, and tapping the checkmark. Update a task by changing the name and adding a description. The clock icon at the right lets you time the task. Tapping the empty box at the left gives you the option to check off the task when complete.

Planning Journal

Any plan starts with a purpose. Tap the button on the lower right and select “My Purpose.” The + takes you to “Create a New Purpose,” where you can name and describe your goal. Revisit your Purpose any time to add affirmations. Once you have a purpose, you need a strategy. “Create a Strategy” is a calendar-friendly tool that helps you consider your plan in real time. Like other digital calendars, it lets you title the event; add start and end dates, location, and comments; and set up a reminder notice. Remember how you used the Checklist feature to break your goals into tasks? Now think of these tasks as events as you “Create an Event” to appear on your Planning Journal calendar. And if you have an event, you can invite people from your friends list.

My Media

Capture live ideas, document results, and rehearse your job interview or presentation. Choose between audio, pics, and video by tapping the appropriate icon. Each will take you to your phone, where you’ll capture and store your audio, pics, and video in the usual way. You can review these files here in “already recorded” (your media gallery) or easily transfer them to other sections of The GAN App. By clicking on the three dots next to a file in your gallery, you’ll see options to rate, share with GAN friends, comment, rename, and delete. You can also access your gallery from the Assignments and Chat features.


Ready for a challenge? Tap the button in the lower right for a menu that lets you see current GAN Assignments, review Past Assignments, or Create an

Assignment. GAN Assignments include updating Books & Resources, adding to Checklist, and Creating a Purpose. Tap Accept and Start when you know what you want to do next. Past Assignments invite you to submit evidence of your progress and invite friends to share the challenge. Create an Assignment helps you set up a time-specific event similar to what you saw in Planning Journal (but these challenges will remain on your Assignments list instead of showing up on your calendar).

Books & Resources

Learn as you go. Tap the + to add titles and descriptions of books, videos, seminars, conferences, courses, and blogs that can help you on your journey. In the title bar of each item, you’ll see icons for inviting friends and checking off a pending title as completed. (Once you hit the checkmark, the word “pending” will disappear from that item.)


To review your progress in The GAN App, choose the report type (Checklist, Planning Journal, Assignments, Books & Resources) and time period (start and end dates). Then click Get Report. Your reports will be available as links in an Excel spreadsheet, where you can sort by the list that you want to see. You can share these reports with your GAN friends or email them to yourself for however you want to use them.


To use The GAN App’s social media feature, enter Chat and tap the people icon in the upper right corner. On the Friends screen, you can tap the search icon in the upper right or the + in the lower left to find other GAN users. The Requests button shows who’s asked to be friends with you. Keep track of your conversations with the Recent Chats list, which you’ll see whenever you open the Chat feature. And just like in other social media, you can add audio, pics, and video to the conversation.


The Search button takes you directly to a Google browser. We’re confident that you already know how Google works!


The Profile feature is where you create your GAN App identity. That includes your picture and email. It’s a place to manage your privacy setting and perhaps, most important, build and manage a GAN-friendly resume. Tap the pencil icon in the upper right corner to add or change your profile pic, username, and email address. Tap Resume to add descriptions of technical skills, certifications,

employment history, project details, and educational qualifications. Change Password lets you update your privacy setting.MORE

Invite a Friend

Reach out to someone who isn’t yet on The GAN App. You can text, email, and Facebook from here, as well as archive these communications. Tap Invite Friend and choose Message, Mail, Add to Notes (for creating an attachment), or Facebook. You can copy your message or Save to Files in the cloud or on your phone.

Push Notification

A push notification is a message from our app to your device, informing you about beneficial ways to use the app or tech issues that you might want to address. Some users like push notifications, and some don’t. In the Settings menu, you’ll see a circle to the right of this item. You WILL receive push notifications if you slide the circle to the RIGHT and the field to the left turns green. You WILL NOT receive push notifications if you slide the circle to the LEFT and the field to the right turns white.

How It Works

For more information, we invite you to visit the FAQ page on our website.

Privacy Policy

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Terms of Service

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When you tap the Logout button, we’ll ask you to verify Yes (I want to logout) or No (I don’t want to logout) — because we don’t want you to go until you’re ready!